Skiper Mise MamicMIŠE'S STORY

I was born in Zagreb on 20th May 1968th as a fifth and last child in the family. My parents were struggling to meet the ends and never could afford spending summer holidays at the sea so I almost drown on entrance examination at the Faculty of kinesiology in Zagreb. But I passed it, graduated 5 years later and now hold the title of Master of Kinesiology. The first contact with the sea was indeed the love on the first sight, I felt connected with the whole world just as in the saying. In 1996, without any previous experience with sailing and boating I bought 19ft large sailboat and sailed out accompanied only with a manual "On the sailboat". It was the real adventure that I could have written a book about. I've been sailing ever since. My first engagement as a professional skipper was a couple of years later for a group of 7 beautifull girls. In 2 weeks we sailed  from Biograd to Dubrovnik and back, visiting each port and bay on the way. I agreed with them to work free of charge just for the sake of obtaining some skippering experience. After that I started to work as a skipper professionaly and, of course, to charge for my services :-). 
I am a true adventurer, in love with the sports and nature, especially with the sea and sailing. What turns me on the most in this profession is meeting new people from all over the world and sharing with them my knowledge about the sailing area and passion for the sea and sailing. Years of experience in the nautical and other kinds of tourism have taught me to always put the client's interest first and approach the problems in calm manner.  


"My role in previous charters was the Skipper, and this often meant a certain degree of stress and responsibility. For this Charter we agreed to hire a Skipper and give someone else the responsibility so I could enjoy every moment without continuously having an eye on the wind. Again Ivana came up with the best in Mise Mamic."

"Our captain, Mise, was like having a dear friend aboard with us - who also happened to be extremely knowledgeable and proficient at sailing and operating the boat to ensure we had a stress-free trip. We genuinely enjoyed his company and conversation; he shared all sorts of stories and information about Croatia that we never could have gotten from the guidebooks."

"Our skipper Miche was amazing! We had such a great time with him - he was fun and spontaneous (I mean we literally decided where we were going the day of and he was really cool with it!)."

"It's a difficult thing, being a charter skipper, coming into a group of friends who you've never met before, and having to fit in. Miše struck the balance between giving us space and being accessible, being friendly and helpful while not being intrusive. Miše, our skipper, was a certified A1 gold-plated legend. Friendly, charming, competent, fastidious, helpful, careful, considerate, humorous and informative - words are not enough! Seriously, get Miše for your skipper."

"Skipper Miše was an experienced operator who knew the best routes, swimming spots and mooring locations/marinas. He made our trip a breeze and truly enjoyable I would not hesitate to recommend him for any charter in Croatia."

"We were lucky enough to have Mise (Maestro) as our skipper and he proved to be professional and wonderful in seeing to our needs."

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NAME: Miše Mamić


EDUCATION: Faculty of kinesiology - Master of Kinesiology

LANGUAGES: English, Italian 

SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE: Skiing Instructor, Canoeing instructor, Rafting instructor, Massage course

HOBBIES: skiing, kayaking, canoeing, trekking, rafting, hiking, spelunking

COURSES AND LICENSES:  STCW  VI/1 , ISAF Offshore Personal Safety Course , RYA Yachtmaster Offshore , skipper – Category C  

2001 – :   skipper on monohull and mutlihull sailing boats of various size , international and local transfers of sailboats, 

1999 - 2014: logistics and organization of adventuristic tourism: canoeing and rafting on Zrmanja river, sailing courses for beginners, courses for obtaining boat leader category B license, organization of skiing tours in France

1995-1999: aerobic coach  

 Skipper Miše and crew from Asutralia


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