You have finally decided to go for the amazing experience of sailing in Croatia. The next step is to choose the company to charter with and the right sailboat. Naturally, you want to choose the option that offers the best balance between quality and price.


The boat’s list price, which can be found on the web page of a charter company, is the price for a one-week (Saturday-to-Saturday) rental of a boat. This also includes the boat’s inventory (equipment) as specified in the inventory list of each boat, VAT (13%), and sometimes, like with Fair Wind, berths in the base marina.

However, comparing the list prices of different boats and choosing the most favorable one is not the happiest solution.
Actually, it can be tricky to determine which option is the best since the pricing varies for different reasons, and when opting for a boat, you should take them all into consideration:

Beautiful place in DalmatiaWhich gorgeous little town are you planning to visit?


Built year of the boat

Normally, the newer the boat the higher the price – but you should not let yourself be fooled. You obviously do not want the boat you are chartering to be ancient; however, sometimes, even when a boat is newer, it can be in worst condition than some other, older boat. How is that possible? – Well, it is simple – because the newer boat has been poorly maintained, while the older one has been perfectly taken care of.

Part of the season

The price of a boat depends, among other things, also on the part of the season you want to sail in (even the price of the same vessel varies according to the period).

In the low season period, boats are significantly cheaper (you can find a small sailboat with 3 cabins for 6 persons from 1000€ per week). The high (mid) season period is more expansive, with the highest price at the peak of the season of about 5000€ per week on a big 5-cabin sailboat. The average weekly charter price for a 3-cabin sailboat is around 2.000€, while for a new 40 feet catamaran it goes from 4.000 – 6.000€ per week.

Boat size

When it comes to the boat size, the same rule applies as with the boat age. “The bigger the boat, the bigger the price.” You choose the size of the boat according to the number of your crew members and the desired comfort.

Location/Base marina

Each boat has its base marina and when opting for a boat you have to consider the preferable starting point for your charter. Some marinas are more popular than others and keeping a boat in those marinas is more expensive for the charter company. When I say more popular, it means or that the marina is placed closer to the international airport (which reduces your transfer costs from the airport to the marina) or/and that it is located close or just next to a historical city/town. Therefore, the list price of the boat goes higher.

ACI marina Split is placed just next to the old town of Split, Diocletian Palace, and other worth seeing sights in Split.   



Time of making a booking

When checking prices, you should also pay attention to discounts because, with a good discount, the list price can significantly reduce. The most common discounts are the Early booking (usually offered till the end of January) and the Last-minute discount (usually offered a few days before the charter period). These usually vary between 20-30%.

We do not advise you to start planning your booking too early or too late just “to catch the lower prices”. You should book when you are ready, but always remember to check the available discounts in order to choose the best option.

Type of the boat

Catamaran or Monohull? - A monohull is the cheaper option. However, you should once again take your crew into consideration and think about what would be a better choice for you, a catamaran (more space, more privacy, much more stable, faster, easier maneuvering) or a monohull (better sailing experience, better looking, sails better upwind).


Split sailing Fair Wind sailboatSailing on our Elan 494 Impression WIld WInd just in front of the Split's main promenade.



When planning your budget, it is not only the list price that you should consider. There are also other unavoidable expenses to be aware of:

Charter pack

This is a mandatory extra with every charter and it differs from one charter company to another. The price also varies for each boat, depending on the size.

With Fair Wind, the charter pack prices are 200€ up to 41ft, 240€ > 41ft, catamaran 280€ 

Charter pack includes: 25% VAT, final cleaning, bed linen, bath towels (2pp), 2 x gas bottles, dish wash liquid, liquid hand soap, 2 kitchen sponges, 1 roll of kitchen paper, 2 kitchen clothes,2 rolls of toilet paper per toilet, garbage bags, Croatian mobile phone with a prepaid card, diver's fee, an outboard engine with 5l fuel, 2 snorkel sets

Tourist tax

The price of tourist tax amounts 10Kn/person/day (cca.1,5€). Children under the age of 12 and more than 69% invalids do not pay tourist tax and children 12-18 pay only 50%.


This cost can vary depending on your sailing route and sailing vs motoring hours.


There are several mooring types/possibilities: marina, port/harbor, buoy, anchor, or restaurant's mooring; and the price depends on the mooring type, place, time of the season, and boat's size.

Mooring fees go from 30€/night (for a mooring buoy), over 50€/night for marina/harbor mooring for a small sailboat in low season, and up to 250€/night for marina/harbor mooring for a 40ft catamaran in the high season.

Security deposit

The refundable deposit covers the insurance policy deductible and the amounts for each boat should be specified on the charter company’s web pages. Some charter companies also offer the option to buy a deposit waiver.

 Two sailboats in a bay beautiful viewTwo sailboats in one of the numerous secluded bays in the Croatian coastline



Check which optional extras are offered by the charter company you chose to sail with.

Extras are not mandatory, but you might want to rent some of the extra equipment or services. These also add to the price of your charter.  

Fair Wind offers: Stand up paddleboard, Donut, Extra snorkel set (two sets per boat are already included), Beach towels, Early boarding (subject to possibility), Wi-Fi 75GB      


Crew services

If none of your crew members is a skipper and nobody is planning to get a sailing license, you will need to hire a professional. Skipper’s fee is 150€/day plus meals or 1.050€/week plus meals.

If you want extra comfort and relaxing on your charter, there is the option to hire a hostess to cook meals for you and do the cleaning. Hostess’ fee ranges from 125€ to 150€ plus meals, but it depends on the number of crew members.

Normally, the crew services are paid directly to the service providers on the first day of the charter.


Fair Wind will be happy to send you a table with estimated costs for the preferred charter and help you with any additional questions.






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