After repeating your everyday routine over and over through the course of a year, you simply need a vacation. Those days, you wish to enjoyrecharge your batteries, and have a good time. You could be wondering how to plan a holiday that could offer all of that.

Choosing Croatia as your holiday destination is already a decision that you will not regret. However, maybe you are thinking about spending those days in an apartment on the mainland – But, if you are already escaping your everyday routine, why not escape it properly, leave the shore and relax to a maximum?


“Out of sight, out of mind”

A sailboat can take you “in the middle of nowhere” if you want. You can be as far away from your everyday routine and obligations as it gets. Escape reality by leaving the mainland and enjoying the blue of the Adriatic Sea that encircles you. The freedom of sailing in Croatia is incomparable. Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.” – Van Morrison

Everything a man needs (space, equipment, comfort…)

If you choose a sailboat over an apartment, you will not miss anything, but get a lot more. Modern sailing boats offer enough space, luxury, and wide inventory. When you enter below deck, you find everything a man needs: kitchen, saloon, comfortable sleeping cabins, and bathrooms, all well-equipped.

Elan 494 Impression interiorElan 494 Impression Wild WInd - the spacious interior offers luxury and comfort

Bavaria 45 Cruiser kitchenBavaria 45 Cruiser Fair Wind - a well-equipped kitchen that meets your needs

Simply enjoyable.

Sailing in Croatia is simply so enjoyable. Just imagine the white sails swinging in the wind under the shiny, blue sky, while you take in all the beauty around you. The boat gently moves on the endless sea surface while you can feel the spray on your face of those droplets driven by the wind. Even in the evening, when you are not on the deck, but in the “womb” of the boat, it does not turn to be any less of a great experience. While the boat is softly swaying on the restless surface, you enjoy in its interior. With the tranquilizing sway, you will relax and rest like a baby.

Swimming platform Bavaria 41 Cruiser Anchor and enjoy sunbathing on deck, splashing and playing with the sea, or taking a swim

One jump from taking a bath.

During those hot summer days, you would probably prefer being able to refresh any time. Does any apartment on the shore really get as close to the sea as a boat? At any moment, wherever you wish to cool or to take a swim, you are one jump away from doing so. You can enjoy endless swimming and sunbathing.

Make the most of your holidays in Croatia (peace and quiet + visiting new places).

Yes, vacations on a sailboat make both possible. You choose your crew, that is who you are going to sail with (your partner, family, friends…). With only a few dear people in your company, and away from everyone else, you enjoy peace, quiet, and intimacy on your boat. And it is all happening while you are on your way to visit one of the stunning places on the Croatian coastline. Some places are only reachable by sea, and a sailboat is what can take you there. When getting to the chosen marina, just moor, disembark, and enjoy in one of many picturesque cities and villages of the Dalmatian coast.

boat in a bayOne of the numerous secluded bays in the Croatian coastline - visit places only reachable by sea

Picturesque old city DalmatiaPHOTOS' SOURCE: commons.wikimedia.org 

One of many beautiful picturesque little cities and villages in Croatia definitely worth visiting 

Take a break whenever you want.

I do not think that anyone can get tired of their vacation on a sailboat in Croatia. You may only wish to spend a few hours on shore, to have dinner in a restaurant with world-class Croatian traditional food, or to take an evening walk, for example. Whatever the reasons for a short visit to the mainland, you are in charge and you decide when and where to go.

Have a good time.

Sailing equals having a good time. Besides just relaxing there are different activities to keep you occupied on your sailing holidays in Croatia. You can go fishing, swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, sightseeing, or even scuba diving.

 Paddleboarding in CroatiaOur friend having fun paddleboarding in Croatia - one of the various activities to enjoy

Swimming in CroatiaSavor swimming in the azure of the Adriatic Sea 

Safe and affordable.

It is safe to say that sailing in Croatia is now at the top of every travel bucket list. It is both safe and affordable for everyone: from a group of friends, families with small children to seniors; from inexperienced ones to salty sea dogs; from thin to thick holiday budgets. There is a sailing holiday option for everyone! If you do a good research and go for a boat that you can afford, nothing exceeds the joy of spending time on the sea.


Oceans and seas represent 72 percent of the planet’s surface and have been stimulating human imagination and creativity since forever. Sea has that power to calm our minds and focus our thoughts. It brings peace, motivation, and inspiration. It can trigger your emotions and may even awake the poet in you. Many people are in love with the sea. If you still are not, give yourself a chance to fall in love. "The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever." - Jacques Cousteau


Contact Fair Wind straight away and let us guide you on your way to leave the shore and escape the routine.

Fair Wind is a small, family-run company, with its own fleet of very well maintained boats. If you check some of the reviews left by our previous guests on our pages, you can notice that they have all had amazing experiences. We truly care that our guests have unforgettable sailing holidays in Croatia that will meet every expectation and more. Our base in ACI Marina Split also offers different advantages. Thanks to its central location on the Eastern Adriatic coast, Split is the best starting point for sailing holidays in Croatia since from Split you can go either to the south or to the north choosing amongst the numerous possible sailing routes.





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