The easiest thing when thinking about booking a yacht charter in Croatia is to open Google search and to just scroll through numerous yacht companies and sailboats at the disposal. The real question is how to proceed from there and actually book a yacht?

Check the 6 necessary steps suggested below:

1. Decide what kind of yacht would fit the crew

Firstly, you should want to book not just any yacht, but the one that would be most suitable for your group. Now, how to decide which yacht would fit the crew? – There are several things to consider:

  • the base marina of the boat (based on the preferable starting point for your charter)

  • the necessary equipment

  • number of people in your crew

  • the number of cabins needed (considering how many of you would be okay with sharing a cabin and how many would want their own place to sleep)

  • how many heads you want the boat to have

  • is any of your crew members a licensed skipper or would you need to hire one

  • are you looking for as much comfort as possible regardless of the expense or you want your sailing trip to fit a certain budget

  • which part of the season you want to travel in (when it is suitable for all the crew members)…

The boats in our fleetFair Wind's fleet to satisfy all kinds of requests. 3,4 and 5-cabin monohull sailboats and a catamaran with 4+2 cabins

2. Start filtering the yachts to charter in Croatia based on your needs

After you have taken all the above into consideration, you should start filtering the yachts in disposal based on your requests/needs.

3. Send inquiries to yacht charter companies  

When you narrow down your choice to several sailboats, you should send your inquiry to respective charter companies to check availability. You should mention any special requests you might have. Shortly after, the companies should send you a charter offer with a detailed cost estimate.

However, if you do not prefer looking for offers by yourself, you can always contact an agency that will do it for you.

Each option has its advantages. When chartering without the help of an agency, you are in direct contact with charter companies, which has its privileges. All the details about each company are familiar to you right from the beginning, and you can contact them anytime for any doubts or questions you might have. On the other hand, with the help of an agency, you do not have to worry about what questions you should ask the company before making a reservation; the agency does that for you. An agency knows the situation on the market very well and will do their best to find the right option for you.

The view on the yachts from our office on a sunny dayThe view from our office in ACI Marina Split on a sunny day - Our office overlooks numerous sailboats lined up in the sea

4. Consider all the details in the offers

No matter with the help of an agency or on your own, when you receive offers for the yachts to charter in Croatia, you should take all the details into consideration. For example, the built year of a boat and its price. Normally, the newer the boat the higher the price – but you should not let yourself be fooled. It is not a general rule, but sometimes, even when a boat is newer, it can be in worst condition than some other, older boat. How is that possible? – Well, it is simple – because the newer boat has been poorly maintained, while the older one has been perfectly taken care of.

The price of a boat depends on its age, size, but also on the part of the season you want to sail in. In the low season, boats are significantly cheaper (you can find a small sailboat with 3 cabins for 6 persons from 1000€ per week). The high (mid) season period is more expansive, with the highest price at the peak of the season of about 5000€ per week on a big 5-cabin sailboat. The average weekly charter price for a 3-cabin sailboat is around 2.000€, while for a new 40 feet catamaran it goes from 4.000 – 6.000€ per week.

Although the price is an important aspect when opting for a boat, it should not be crucial. What is important is to search and check the reputation of a company or an agency. After all, we are talking about your long-planned vacation you are looking forward to, and you do not want those days to be spoiled because of a malfunctioning or poorly maintained sailing boat. At least nowadays it is easy to do your research, since every company has reviews on Google, on Facebook, on Trip, you should give a good look at some of the experiences of previous clients before you choose a company to sail with.


5. Confirm the booking

 After you decide which boat you want to sail on, you should confirm your booking with the charter company/agency.


6. Sign the contract and follow the payment procedure

The charter company will guide you through the necessary steps and give you a heads-up about everything you should pay attention to. You will receive all the necessary documents including a contract to sign. However, an advanced payment is needed for the official reservation. The boat will be officially reserved for you after you have done the first advance payment (the amount is determined by the payment conditions of the chosen charter company). After that, you are only asked to follow the rest of the payment procedure.


If you need any help with your charter, contact Fair Wind straight away

Fair Wind is a small, family-run company, with its own fleet of very well maintained boats. If you check some of the reviews left by our previous guests on our pages, you can notice that they have all had amazing experiences. We truly care that our guests have unforgettable sailing holidays in Croatia that will meet every expectation and more. Our base in ACI Marina Split also offers different advantages. Thanks to its central location on the Eastern Adriatic coast, Split is the best starting point for sailing holidays in Croatia since from Split you can go either to the south or to the north choosing amongst the numerous possible sailing routes.

The view from our office in the marina on a rainy dayThe view from our office in ACI Marina Split on a rainy day            




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