If you are planning your next sailing holidays and wondering which would be a better option for you – a catamaran or a monohull - you need to consider both the pros and the cons of each to see what works better for your purposes. Each boat corresponds differently to your crew - in terms of size, age, couples, singles, families, friends - your destination and your holiday preferences. What you need to decide is which boat would be a better match.

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    A catamaran offers significantly more space everywhere on the boat. Cockpit - the highlight of catamarans – is twice the size of a monohull,  spans over two hulls and is on the same level as saloon and kitchen what enhances the spaciousness and makes for the great social area. Since the majority of living space is above the waterline, the ventilation of air is much better on a catamaran. Large foredeck area, famous trampoline, makes great sunbathing area. Usual charter catamaran model has  4 large cabins with rectangular queen-size beds with en-suite bathrooms. Separate hulls with separate cabins and the separation of the living space and sleeping area offer more privacy as well.
    Catamarans are far more stable than monohulls: do not heel over when underway and do not roll at anchor. This is beneficial for those prone to seasickness, first time sailors, children and elderly people.
    Catamarans are faster both under power or sail compared to a similar sized monohull, especially off the wind. This is due to the combination of the shallow draft - catamarans don’t have to carry a heavy lead keel underneath to stay upright – and two engines.
    The shallow draft provides more anchoring possibilities - you can enter shallow anchorages, away from the crowds and closer to shore – and entering the places monohulls cannot reach.
    Two separated engines make manoeuvrings in confined areas easier, you can turn catamaran literally around its central axis without the help of the rudders. There is no need for bow-thrusters.
    Handy storage of the dinghy pulled into the davits aft between the hulls means no more towing of the dinghy and no more drag on the boat speed.


    Due to their lower wetted surface area, catamarans are certainly faster, but since the deck is strapped between two hulls there can be slapping while underway in heavier seas.
    When sailing, a catamaran doesn’t heel as a monohull what, according to some, doesn't offer a full sailing experience.
    A catamaran does not typically sail well upwind and needs a different technique for tacking.
    Catamaran with similar sleeping capacity is usually more expensive to charter than a monohull.   
    Catamarans take up twice as much mooring space as monohulls what means that you will have to pay a lot more for the berth in the marina and it might be more difficult to find a berth in the busy season and small places.



    When it comes to sailing experience, a monohull cannot be matched; to the enthusiasts, sailing without the heeling is the real deal.
    Monohulls tack quickly and sail much better up-wind.
    Compared to catamaran with similar sleeping capacities, monohulls are cheaper to buy, maintain and charter. Also, berth fees in the marinas are lower for monohulls.
    Monohulls are better looking and more elegant than catamarans


    Although the new generations of monohulls in the charter are wide with high ceilings and spacious cockpit, saloon and cabins, this is still much less usable space than on catamarans.
    Due to the deeper keel, you cannot sail or anchor in shallow places with monohulls.
    Monohulls heel over while sailing and roll over at anchor what can cause sea-sickness.


check list - catamarana or monohull charter

We have listed the major differences between monohulls and multihulls and it is now up to you to take some time and make a checklist of what works for you and your party.
In short, it can be concluded that if you are looking for stability and comfort you are better off with a catamaran. However, if you are looking for an authentic and exhilarating sailing experience a monohull is your ultimate choice.

Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. should you need any advice or should you have any doubts regarding which type of boat would be the best option for you.





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