Crewed yacht charter is a type of charter where you rent a yacht and hire a professional skipper to navigate it for you and a hostess to take care of the cleanliness and eating/drinking onboard. It delivers the ultimate holiday experience on the water since there will be nothing for you to do but enjoy at your own pace, on your own schedule: swimming, sunbathing, snorkelling, fishing, sightseeing, eating, drinking .... continue the list yourself with your preferred holiday activities.

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The itinerary is flexible, up to you to decide, the skipper will take you wherever you want provided that the weather conditions allow it. Would you like him to, he will surely be happy to suggest the best destinations in accordance with your interests: hidden beaches, secluded bays, charming towns, good restaurants ... We suggest checking our ideas for the itinerary  before arrival and then discuss possible options with your skipper once aboard.



The cost of the crewed yacht charter consists of the boat price and the crew's fees, while for the mooring fees, fuel and food for you and the crew you pay on the way as much as you spend. In the initial offer, the detailed cost estimate is presented without any hidden costs. 



Choosing the right boat

Literally, every size of a sailboat can be chartered with the crew consisting of both a skipper and a hostess, but when planning crewed charter calculate that both the skipper and the hostess need a berth, ideally their own cabin, therefore 3 cabin sailboat would perhaps be a minimum suggested. Before deciding on the boat size, you should consider the size and the number of cabins and berths that would suit you best, in order that all of your party members feel comfortable.



In order to provide you with the best holiday experience, with the crewed charter the greatest attention is paid to the selection of the crew. Apart from the professionalism and „know-how“ engaged are only the highly motivated and easy-going individuals with a friendly personality and a good knowledge of the history and geography of the sailing area, in short, the real ambassadors of their country, its natural and historical heritage, its culture and people.

 Bepo & Glora - Skipper and hostess for crewed yacht charter in Croatia


Skiper Mise Mamic How much does the Skipper cost?

• the skipper's daily rate is 180€ which amounts 1.260€ per week
• three meals per day plus enough to drink
• a place to sleep

What are the Skipper's duties?

• to take care of your safety and at the same time to ensure that you have an enjoyable holiday
• to safely skipper the yacht and bring it back in undamaged condition
• to advise on suitable destinations based on his local knowledge and prior experience, but to eventually comply with your wishes, unless the weather forecast is in contradiction with those: the skipper cannot be responsible if, in the long run, the predicted weather conditions do not materialise



Crewed Yacht Charter Croatia Hostess Gloria


How much does the Hostess cost?

• hostess's daily rate is 180€ which amounts 1260€ per week
• three meals per day plus enough to drink
• a place to sleep, preferably a cabin

What are the Hostess's duties?

• to buy groceries
• to prepare and serve breakfasts and lunches tailored to your particular tastes (if requested, a third meal preparation is charged additionally per person)
• to wash the dishes, clean the kitchen, saloon and cockpit area
• to recommend places to visit, restaurants, nice bays for swimming, nightlife spots





Food and drink

Close to the start of your charter you will receive our charter preference form where you will fill in your charter preferences, most of which refer to food and beverages. It is important both that you consult with all the members of the party and that you fill in the form thoroughly so as to make sure everyone's preferences are taken care of. 

A hostess will be buying groceries and drinks as per your preferences and preparing breakfasts and lunches, while for dinners you can go out and eat in some of the local restaurants. Please note that you also pay for the crew's food both onboard and out. For a meal out, you can either give them an upfront stipend in the amount of 30€ per person or cover the restaurant bill they present to you.

Please understand that a hostess, although very skillful in kitchen, is not a professional cook and that you are coming to a sailboat with limited storage and cooling place and with well equipped but rather basic and small kitchen. In that way, although the hostess will do her best to fulfill your wishes, the variety of meals that can be prepared on a boat is limited and cannot match the professional kitchens in the restaurants.

We here offer some ideas on menu possibilities based on traditional Croatian summer cuisine:

Breakfast onboardBREAKFAST

Tea, coffee and juices;  Local variety of fruits, pastries, bread; Butter, jams, honey; Cereals and muesli; Fresh plain yoghurt and fruit yoghurts; Eggs (boiled, sunny side up, scrambled, omelettes), bacon, sausage; Cold cuts – local cheeses, ham, salami; 




Caprese salad; Soups – zucchini cream soup, fish soup, minestrone; Octopus salad; Prosciutto with melon; Prosciutto, cheese and olives; Salted sardines, olives, capers, tuna pate with crackers; Assortment of bruschettas; Smoked salmon tapas

caprese salad prosciutto with melon  Bruscettas   zuchini soup


Seabass with boiled vegetables; Tuna steak with Mangold; Black risotto; Beef Fillet with grilled vegetables; Chicken fillet in white truffle cream sauce with fuži (fuži = kind of pasta); Veal risotto; Stuffed paprika with mashed potatoes – traditional Dalmatian summer dish; Veal or beef medallions in mushroom sauce with gnocchi; Pasta bolognese; Pasta with „šalša“ - tomato sauce

fuzi s tartufima S  seabass with boiled vegetables S  tuna steak S  stuffed paprika S


Pancakes; Fruit salad;

pancakes S    fruit salad S  


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